THE Epic Story of Two brothers

Young German Immigrants Settled in Kentucky -They Secretly Joined The Union And Fought A War They Didn’t Understand. They Fought For That Elusive Treasure We Call “Freedom”

One Would Become a Patriot – the Other, an Outlaw. They Remained Brothers Even When Their Family, State and Country Were Divided. These Are the Results of a Multi-Decade Investigation Into Their Stories. May Their Heroic Deeds Live on… May Freedom No Longer Remain an Elusive Pursuit. In the Midst of Our National Culture Crisis. May We Find Our Way Through Dark Places and Follow The Paths of Our Ancestors Who Fought for Freedom and Not Believe the Lies of Those Now Trying to Steel It from Future Generations. Many Gave a Much – and Much Too Many, Gave All. May Their Memory Not Be Forgotten.

A Story of Honor, Sacrifice & Commitment. Blemished by the Horrors of War – Haunted by the Ghosts of Hate and Terror. One Brother Took the High Road, the Other that of Compromise. But, They Remained Brothers. They Fought Together, Pursued Life’s Challenges After the War and Eventually Became Part of the Tapestry that We Now Call “America.” A Family and a Nation Divided During Turbulent Times and One Man’s Victorious Pursuit of Freedom.

Understanding The Lives of Benjamin and Leo Can Help Us Better Understand Our Own Lives and Even the Times We live in Today. May God Open Our Eyes That We May See Truth and Our Ears That We May Hear Each Other. Our Stories and Our History Combined With Our Faith Can Set Us Free.